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Welcome to El Guru


Welcome to El Guru!
The first step is taken. Now you have to accompany me through the gaming world and at best with all the support you give to me! Everything!

Join the unique community, follow me on the platforms, get in touch with me, exchange ideas, be inspired and give me your loyal following.

El Guru’s life is expensive. Gold and gemstones are also found in rivers. But if you don’t want to stand there with a sieve, you need a bit of Thaler. And not too scarce, because the website and the curry sausage on Imbiss also want to be purchased.

Therefore: give me your sub, your tips, use the affiliate links * or send me gift cards or or or **

* which practically the entire website consists of 😉
** Before someone comes up with the idea of ​​entering me as their sole heir, then please only from well over € 7 million – who would like to be served off with peanuts … 😉 …

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