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Gaming Setup

Hey here you can see my current Gaming/Streaming Setup:

Let’s start with the little rodents. I use the [af_link id=”95″ target=”_ blank”]Razer Trinity[/af_link] Chroma Mouse for MBOA / MMORPG Games, simply because the interchangeable magnetic clip buttons let you react to the peculiarities of the games. The mouse is a little bigger than my primary mouse.
The [af_link id=“205” target=”_ blank”]Razer Lancehead[/af_link] mice is one of the better rodents. It is light and very handy, plus a great 5G combined laser AND optical sensor. The mouse has the best tracking properties and also no problems with the lift-off distance – a main reason for this mouse. Because of the very good tracking feature, you don’t have to lift the mouse far up if you have to implement in the shooter.
As a keyboard I have a [f_link id=“208” target=”_ blank”]Razer Deathstalker [/af_link] for years. The reason for this is that I somehow dislike the high keys. The Deathstalker keys are very flat and have an extremely short stroke. I am currently considering upgrading again, as Razer has launched keyboards with optical triggers. But is there also a click without clack …? Maybe the Razer Huntsman?
My [af_link id=“211” target=”_ blank”]Intel i7 4790K [/af_link] has also been a loyal companion for a long time. It is also a candidate for a transfer, but it is still rocking full, the best processor on the market is 1.5x as good in comparison, but four times as expensive … So there is no rush yet …
The processor naturally includes a high-end mainboard. I have the [af_link id=”216″ target=”_ blank”] ASUS ROG Maximus Hero VII [/af_link] with Z97 chipset, which allows me to freely modify the K multiplier of the processor. At the moment the mainboard can only be ordered on the used market, from € 700 !!! It shows what a special this motherboard is. You can see my planned setup below.
The short-term memory in the computer is 16 GB [af_link id=“218” target=”_ blank”] G.Skill Trident X RAM [/af_link] RAM modules, paved on both sides with chips, enable real dual-channeling, currently around € 150 expensive.
One of my SSDs for games with otherwise horrendous loading times is this [af_link id=“219” target=”_ blank”] Samsung SM951 256 GB PCI Express 3.0 M.2 [/af_link] with up to 2 GByte / Sec transfer rate on the PCI I 3.0 connection. What would I wait for today without her …
My workhorse when it comes to gaming is a [af_link id=“220” target=”_ blank”] Palit RTX 2070 8GB [/af_link]. I’ve been loyal to the Palit brand since the 970 series, I’ve never had any problems. Thats it.
Depending on the game, I use the [af_link id=”221″ target=”_ blank”] Razer Goliathus Control mouse pad [/af_link], for very high precision. This mouse pad is also available in the “Speed” version. But since I have my DPI on the mouse between 2400-4000, I need the Control Mouse Pad. Everything else becomes too imprecise.
I also play a lot with the [af_link id=“222” target=”_ blank”] Razer Firefly Mouse Pad [/af_link]. The use depends subjectively on the game, but I love it very much.
Yes, that really needs to be replaced, but please with a headset that can also do real 3D surround sound. I even glued my [af_link id=”223″ target=”_ blank”] SoundBlaster tactic3d Alpha [/af_link] because the bracket broke off, so I’m already waiting for a suitable successor. Do you have any recommendations?
As a further gaming accessory, I have an [af_link id=“224” target=”_ blank”] Oculus Rift Touch [/af_link] with the associated touch controllers. Fine toys …
I use the [af_link id=”225″ target=”_ blank”] Logitech c922 pro [/af_link] to capture my radiant and healing face.
So that you can receive my happy messages of happiness, my voice is recorded via the [af_link id=”226″ target=”_ blank”]Rode NTUSB[/af_link] condenser microphone. Hi there? Do you hear me????
So that I really shine, I use two lights from [af_link id=“227” target=”_ blank”] FOTGA [/af_link] each with 18 watts in 5600K light color. Are you blinded? Of my beauty?
With the [af_link id=”235″ target=”_ blank”] Elgato Green Screen [/af_link] you get an optimal result for streams.
Social media and communication with you is currently done via a [af_link id=”228″ target=”_ blank”] Samsung S9 Duos [/af_link].
So that the mobile phone doesn’t even run out of power, an [af_link id=”231″ target=”_ blank”] Ansmann Powerbank [/af_link] bit 3.0A output current and 20000mAh helps me.
This little helper provides electricity for everything, a [af_link id=”233″ target=”_ blank”]UGREEN USB charger 36W Quick Charger Dual QC 3.0 [/af_link].
Internet comes out of the box, thanks to [af_link id=”229″ target=”_ blank”]Fritz!Box 6591 Cable[/af_link].
Thanks to [af_link id=”230″ target=”_ blank”]AVM FRITZ!WLAN Mesh Repeater 1750E[/af_link] it also flies through the air stably.
If I want to have a “console feeling”, then I use my [af_link id=”232″ target=”_ blank”]Microsoft XBox Controller[/af_link].

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