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How to Support El Guru

How to Support El Guru

Hello, at the beginning: This page is an overview on my Affiliates and partners that are Supporting me right now. Please add the (for example) the Amazon Referrer-Link to your browser favorites and support me during shopping without extra costs by opening the Amazon website through that link in future or look around on my other partners.

Moste help will be active in my growing community, write comments in the chat, talk to me in discord. The best way will be following me on and YouTube. Come  back to my streams an take part, then my sect will grow with you.

AND now the Support-List (Please click on the pictures below):


That’s the best site for a bookmark. It’s guiding you through an referrer-link to the Amazon shopping site. All Orders will give me a very small percentage of provision. Many thanks in advance! This Referrer-Link only works for shopping with Amazon Account in Germany. So for you maybe next Support-Possibility will be an option!



And here Amazon again: That’s my wishlist there. You can find a lot of crap I had put on the list, stuff I like but have no money to buy it. If you found something interesting there an by it, I will receive and be happy and you get listed on a special page.



Here we are: G2A, one if the biggest Key-Reseller in the world. It’s a serious page where I did buy a lot of Keys in past, still without any problems.  I am to small for other Key-Resellers so I think I will keep on them. I alos earn some small percent of the money you spend there after you did use my Referrer-Link. My new Projekt Goldmine Rush, it will help me if you spend at least 20€/$ after using my Refferer-Link.  Click here!


Online during the Stream or offline, anyway I do receive your donation. That will result in showing your personal Nickname in my Stream. With a higher amount you can use special functions as well. You can also send me Amazon,- Steam gift card keys or PaysafeCards. I honestly take all of  your money, that’s a Guru is living from in a sect. Hrhr    



I would like to add more partners to this page, if you like to be a special supporter for this project, please don’t have any doubts to contact me.  Anyway: Be faithful and come back often!    

Share and Enjoy !


Euer Support (Danke!)