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Welcome to El Guru

HeyHo, Welcome to El Guru!The first step is taken. Now you have to accompany me through the gaming world and at best with all the support you give to me! Everything! Join the unique community, follow me on the platforms, get in touch with me, exchange ideas, be inspired and give me your loyal following. […]

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How to Support El Guru

Hello, at the beginning: This page is an overview on my Affiliates and partners that are Supporting me right now. Please add the (for example) the Amazon Referrer-Link to your browser favorites and support me during shopping without extra costs by opening the Amazon website through that link in future or look around on my […]

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Gaming Setup

Hey here you can see my current Gaming/Streaming Setup: Let’s start with the little rodents. I use the [af_link id=”95″ target=”_ blank”]Razer Trinity[/af_link] Chroma Mouse for MBOA / MMORPG Games, simply because the interchangeable magnetic clip buttons let you react to the peculiarities of the games. The mouse is a little bigger than my primary […]

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